Tips for being a successful student

March 19, 2008 at 3:30 pm (development, public relations) ()

StudyingI’m a bit embarrassed about being away for so long, but with finals and moving – time seems to be a little tight.

I don’t know if it is that I am phasing out of the school and into the career mode, but I’ve done a little reflecting and have come up with a couple of great tips for students that are still studying public relations or communication.

These are the tips:

Be Involved: It doesn’t mean you need to join every club on campus, but it means you should involve yourself in both class and any outside experience. It allows you to engage in conversations, learn from your peers, learn from your professors and learn more about yourself.

Be Proactive: You are responsible for where you go in life. Being proactive is a way to stand out from the crowd, take initiative and get noticed. You end up making your career path, instead of letting others define it for you.

Be Positive/Optimistic: A good attitude is the key to success in any task or job. Having this characteristic sets you apart to show others your work ethic. There may be days where everything goes wrong, but a good attitude can pick you up so it doesn’t interfere with your homework and works.

Be Detail-Oriented: Paying attention to little details shows your professors and peers that you care and put full effort into what you do. You may not be the best at everything, but details will show that you try.

Be Passionate: If you have passion in what you do, everyone will be able to see it. It shows that you give 100 percent into everything. It will reflect on your work, personality and professionalism as a learning and growing public relations or communication student.

Image courtesy of Flickr: Pragmagraphr. It was taken under the Creative Commons License.


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  1. Michael Henreckson said,

    Great tips Eileen! The three “P’s” are my favorite. I’ve seen the good effects when I put them into action, and one of the most important is just the way it makes you feel about yourself. When you feel positive and in control you feel much better about yourself. Taking initiative and being proactive really sets you apart from the crowd because there are so many passive “go along with the crowd”ers in this world. You’re a much better candidate for any kind of job if you are willing to act on your own obviously.

    Good observations.

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