PR as a Community

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web 2.0I’m not going to lie. Writing this post is pretty scary for me. I’m actually getting into the PR blogosphere with bloggers that have been in the industry, that is PR, for years. So, I’m going to tell you where I stand here – I’m new and learning.

As I was looking around at all the different blogs suggested by AdAge Power 150, I noticed something. Everyone knows everyone else. Many of the blogrolls contain the same links, and posts talk about other bloggers’ thoughts and comments. Then, I came across Joseph Thornley’s Pro PR blog. His Advice to the class of ’08 post caught my attention.

Thornley said, “The old PR was about communicating messages to an audience. The new PR is about being part of a community.” 

Entering the social media world means involving yourself in a community. It’s not just about networking anymore, but more about maintaining a steady stream of conversation with those in the PR industry. It keeps you connected and helps others get to know you more as a PR practitioner and conversationalist, opposed to the business-card-sitting-in-the-Rolodex PR contact.

The community concept can and should be applied to clients. Getting involved into a client’s community is probably a better and more credible way of influencing its target audience’s behaviors.

So, it’s good that I’m starting now. I can build my relationships and immerse myself into the PR community.


Jeremy Pepper also has an in-depth post about community at POP! PR Jots.


*Web 2.0 graphic courtesy of Stabilo Boss at Flickr.  It was taken under the Creative Commons  license.



  1. jessica lomelin said,


    What an insightful post! I agree with your thoughts. Blogging has become extremely personable and a relatable tool. Through searching and narrowing blogs, you can communicate with others who could essentially share such similar interests and lifestyles as you do.

    Hm…I also like your comment about the clients/blog interaction. Maybe we should elaborate on this topic at AHPR 🙂

  2. teachingpr said,

    Eileen, I’m glad I followed your instructor’s link to your blog — I hadn’t seen Joe’s post and was very interested in it. I’d say your blog is off to a great start!

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